Health app for Geeks !

WikiWay is a playful health app converting your steps into famous places and distances from real life and fiction. WikiWay has the goal of making walking fun, rewarding and addicting.

  • Device : iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Release : 2019

Walk and learn !

What is the Death Star size ? The length of Great Alexander journey ? What is the longest between the Great Wall and the Wall from Games of Thrones ?  Walk to get all those answers ! Walk everywhere : Either you run, walk your dog or go to supermarket, we track all your steps !

  • + 1000 trophies to discover
  • You can play with your iPhone and your Apple Watch
  • Wikipedia Entry to read and discover for each achievement.
  • Daily and weekly tracking to follow your progress day by day.
  • Leaderboards for friends and worldwide ranking
  • Improve your health : Achieve WHO health daily goals and get special rewards
  • Share your progress and discoveries on Twitter and Facebook

Cumulate your steps to go further!

Follow your daily efforts

Surpass yourself everyday !

Follow your progress on a week

Walk everyday and be reward !

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